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In the grand tradition of fanfic100, here is where you write 100 50 bits of music, following the prompts given. All styles and lengths are go, and there is no time limit. All original pieces of music here remain absolutely the property of the composer...

To sign up, simply post your first piece of music, and you will be added to a list or something, with a link to your Table of Dooom.

Please only post in the community to post music, unless you're me in which case you can also post admin things and stuff ^__^ If you want to ask a question, please either mail me (smileys_etc(at) hotmail.com) or, easier, post a comment at this admin post

The tags are here. Use them! Tag each post with your name, "music" and the number(s) of the prompt(s) you're doing.

1. beginnings 2. endings 3. space 4. time 5. change
6. nature 7. supernatural 8. city 9. walking 10. driving
11. romantic 12. tragic 13. heroes 14. horror 15. action
16. waiting 17. hurry 18. discovery 19. surprise 20. disappointed
21. dreams 22. inspiration 23. attitude 24. chilled 25. crazy
26. solo 27. duet 28. dance 29. rock 30. baroque
31. faith 32. hope 33. love 34. joy 35. peace
36. betrayal 37. fear 38. hate 39. angst 40. conflict
41. earth 42. fire 43. water 44. air 45. ether
46. own choice 47. own choice 48. own choice 49. own choice 50. own choice

If you want a copy of this table of doooom for your very own, the html is here

Not-As-Yet-Asked-Questions that should explain things further!

Why is it 50 not 100, you coward?!
... hey, once you’ve finished these 50, I’ll make another set if you want, ok?

Do you think anyone’s going to join this apart from you?
Umm, not sure. I’d like them too, it would be fun! But this is also just a fun fun challenge for me to get me composing more stuff in a new way.

...Um, and now for the proper questions!

How long to the ‘pieces’ have to be?
Not long. There's no length limit either way, as such.

Drabbles, ficlets and little vignettes and stuff are so cool and popular, but there’s not much of an equivalent for that in music….. yet! It would be fun to change that -- have more little pieces around, just more music, you know? So, just like drabbles are allowed in fanfic100, short "cues" rather than full pieces are perfectly allowed here. (Example: here's one that’s 12 seconds long!!)

Preferably, not all your pieces would be 12-second cues, but quite a lot can be, if you wish ^_^ After all, the aim is to write 50 of these things...

Can I reuse tunes and ideas and stuff in different pieces?/
Yes! Recurring themes and reinterpreted ideas are not only allowed but encouraged. It's fun to develop motifs and all that...

Do all the pieces have to be connected in some way, like in fanfic100?
Mmm, really- only if you feel like it. Could be, for example, music for a "fandom", a story or story arc, some characters, a place.... or you could write around a certain instrument or group of instruments... They can link together through recurring themes etc too, as I've said.
...Ooor you can just experiment with very different things for different cues. Or both.

Are vgmixes/remixes/arrangements of themes by other people ok?
I’m going to say yes, fine by me; if you want for example to do a Zelda series, please go ahead! Stick a disclaimer in there, just in case anyone cares about them… Um.

Do I have to do the prompts in order?

What formats are allowed?
Audio files should be mp3; you can also post midis. Sheet music? Why not ^_^

Where do I host my music?
Host on your own site and link from here (you don’t have to link straight to file if you can’t do that/don’t want to, but please link to somewhere where the particular piece is easy to see.)

If you don't currently have a site you can host things at... (*here is where I might put a list of decent free hosts for mp3s.... if I ever find any ever, that is*) Yousendit is a possibility, though not really ideal because of the time limit.

Midis of course can be hosted practically anywhere.

This is a really mercenary, non-artistic/spiritual approach to music...
1. Not necessarily! 2. Actually I'm kind of all for a bit of treating it as less than sacred now and again. I want this to be fun as well.


Generally, probably a good way of thinking of this is composing bits of a soundtrack for a film, game, or best of all a TV series. (This whole idea came out me making up an imaginary TV series, soo…) Recurring themes, short cues – it’s all good, for TV. That is not to say all your pieces have to sound plausibly like soundtrack music at all though. If you want to write 50 piano miniatures, or 50 songs, or 50 symphonies or whatever… that is good too!

...As I’ve said about a bazillion times, pretty much anything goes. ^_^ Now get music-making!!


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