Here's a brand-new little track ^^ The result of experimenting a bit with music genres I normally don't work with a lot. This is basically just a jam over a repeating piano and rythm section, with guitar and synth trading off solo lines. There are some very obvious mistakes in there, but after a dozen takes I concluded that solos are intended to be improvised so they might as well stay in there. The track was sort of inspired by Sergio Mendes' "Mas que Nada" (which I heard a few days ago) though there is nothing in it that sounds anything like the latter. It's somewhat chaotic, but it has some nice moments, methinks.

Prompt: 24. Chilled
Title: None
Size: 2.21 MB
Length: 1:36 Min
Notes: Your typical lounge music. Or at least it's intended to be! I think there's a nice "live" feel to it, but I never manage to get a particularly wide sounding, transparent mix. The bass may sound too prominent on certain loudspeakers, but should be okay with headphones. I'm wondering what kind of rythm this actually is. A calypso maybe? Salsa? I'm a miserable dancer, so I have no clue about that ^^


The first song I'm submitting to music50 - because I'm not a very good singer but still love to sing once in a while. Yet another love-or-hate affair I reckon ^^ It' s a rather strange love song written in a very stream-of-consciousness-like fashion. The chord progressions were very spontaneously chosen but sound very interesting. Now if only I could sing better...

Prompt: 33. Love
Title: None
Size: 2.65 MB
Length: 1:56 Min
Notes: Lyrics were written some time ago, abandoned, and found again today. Not exceptionally meaningful or elegant, but sincere. I probably sound close-to-asphyxiation on the high notes due to lack of training =P

30, 2

My attempt at writing a fugue (or rather a fughetta) for organ. Obviously, don't expect the brilliance of great masters like Buxtehude or Bach, it's banally simple in comparison and probably sounds like a blatant rip-off. I played the manual and bass part seperately on my keyboard, though I do have access to a real organ (at the church I work for) But: 1) I'm not good enough with bass melody pedalling and 2) making a decent recording of a pipe organ is... difficult. To say the least.
Anyway, I'm also including a pdf score cause if you're like me, analysing a fugue without a score is pretty much impossible. Note that the top staff is notated an octave lower than it sounds, that unregistered-message is covering up the little "8" on the clef at the start.

Prompt: 30. Baroque
Title: Fughetta in C minor
Size: 1.46 MB
Length: 1:04 Min
Notes: The fugue starts in C minor, modulates rather randomly and ends up in B major, just a half step away from the tonic, which is either genius or just very stupid - you decide ^^ (I incline to the latter...)
Fughetta in C minor | [Download the score]

And I was so bugged with how my "ending" prompt sounded (I don't know why I used that strange "honky-tonk" kind of piano-sound) that I decided to re-record it today. I like it a lot better now, but it's far from perfect. Needless to say, the solo bit at the end still sounds very pathetic =P I'm such a sloppy player...



Yet another piano miniature (because that's what I'm best at, I guess ^^") Let's see if I can keep up the weekly basis - it's been going fairly well lately, and I really hope the ideas keep coming!

Prompt: 2. Endings
Title: None
Size: 1.51 MB
Length: 1:06 Min
Notes: Kind-of-jazzy background music one might hear in closing credits. Semi-improvised, with a somewhat pathetic attempt at a piano solo at the end. I do like the effect of that final minor major seventh chord though =)


Here's a new track quite unlike my previous submission: An absolutely not subtle, riff-laden action theme of some sort. Likely to be a love-or-hate affair. It's actually not really complete, but let's call it a draft. Felt like the writing process wasn't really going anywhere so I rather left it at this point.

Prompt: 15. Action
Title: None
Size: 1.11 MB
Length: 0:48 Min
Notes: Me trying to play like Dimebag Darrell on the guitar but sounding more like a wannabe. ^^ Drums are sampled of course, look for the "Tama Rockstar Kit" soundfont on SoundFonts.it

11, 12

Okay, here it goes, my first submission. Two very minimalistic, almost banal pieces, sort of inspired by the elegant simplicity of the works of Erik Satie and Yann Tiersen. Only they compose like that deliberately - I only compose like that because I've too little talent ^^ The recordings are not quite how I wanted them to sound like, mainly because my MIDI Keyboard is so old, that it can't even send sustain pedal messages. That's why I put tons of reverb on them to sorta fix that Oo" Well, enough ranting now, there you go:

Prompt: 11. Romantic
Title: None
Size: 1 MB
Length: 0:44 Min
Notes: Incidental music, a sentimental little waltz-like thing.

Prompt: 12. Tragic
Title: None
Size: 988 KB
Length: 0:42 Min
Notes: Incidental music, for a tragic scene/segue of some sort. Semi-improvised.

Hope this is how the posts are supposed to be like, Jesta, if not, I'm very sorry ^^"

Stoke! - 18, 31

Prompt: 31. Faith
Title: N/A
Size: 2.5mb
Length: 2.08
Notes: Very fluffy ^_^ (...why NOT port over fanfic terms when they seem to fit?? ^_^) Inspired a bit by The Great Mouse Detective (Henry Mancini)... Quite a full statement of what might be Sara's theme.

Prompt: 18. Discovery
Title: N/A
Size: 460kb
Length: 12 seconds!
Notes: Because everything ever has to have a Meaningful scene with a music box.
Alternate "Old Movie" Version

My table of dooom: http://jesta-ariadne.livejournal.com/180228.html

Stoke! - 20, 24, 26

Alright, let's get this party started... These for examples of how short/simple you can really get ^__^ They're from weeks/months ago, but I didn't want to post them until I had something slightly more substantial aswell. I quite like 'em though.......
(No, none of them do have titles ^^ But you're perfectly free to title yours! I just lose at titles, you see.)

Prompt: 24. Chilled
Title: N/A
Size: 256kb
Length: 12 seconds!
Notes: First of two short (as in, SHORT) cues based on a little motif. Scene change.

Prompt: 20. Disappointed
Title: N/A
Size: 372kb
Length: 18 seconds
Notes: And the second. This is disappointed as in... "Ohh no.... ...ohh no, this is even worse than I thought... *angst*"

Prompt: 26. Solo
Title: N/A
Size: 1.5mb
Length: 1.02
Notes: Little elec keyboard doodley.

My table of dooom: http://jesta-ariadne.livejournal.com/180228.html


Hellooo and welcome to music50, all new and shiny! It's so new and shiny that really nothing has been done yet... But if this is your kind of thing, please go ahead and join up and start composing lots of cool music!

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This is also the post where you can write random comments to ask questions/say hi/whatever :)